As a telecommunications agent we are carrier neutral which means we remain unbiased in recommending the best service provider for your specific requirements.  Our partnerships lend access to over 70 service providers allowing us to be completely objective by promoting the best solutions that align with your business model. 

Our industry experience begins in 1986, shortly after the divestiture of Ma Bell, which led to competition in the long distance arena.  We were there when a user had to dial multiple digits to access a long distance carrier (IXC). Ten years later the competition continued with the passing of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which encouraged competition in the local service arena.  We were there, representing competitive local exchange carrier's (CLEC's) to businesses. The last dozen years have seen rapid development of the data, internet, and mobile markets introducing services like Virtualized Desktop, Mobile Management, and SD WAN. 

Our 70 partners have grown with these industry developments and are excited to assist organizations in making the best telecommunication decisions for their organization.  Whether your business is small, medium, or large NorthLink Communications is there to understand your needs, analyze your current telecommunication services, and make recommendations that contribute to your bottom line while supporting your growth.
Communications Group

Voice, Data, and Internet Service Provider


Lynne Witter, entered the telecommunications industry
 in 1986, working for a 
regional reseller
in the Boston marketplace. 
Since then she has 
held Sales, Training, Marketing, and Leadership roles in organizations such as Sprint, AT&T, Cable & Wireless USA,
 and area CLEC's.
 Her strength and success lies in 
being the customer's advocate, 
delivering on commitments, and maintaining a high level of service.